The Real Life Saint That Inspired Hedwig In Harry Potter

St. Hedwig Church of Barry’s Bay, Ontario goes on to say that Hedwig, having received schooling at the Kitzingern monastery, was tremendously pious. Together with Duke Henry, she created holy sites such as the Kamenz priory of the Augustinian Canons in 1210 and the Hospital of the Holy Ghost at Breslau, founded by Henry in 1214. Hedwig, per Encyclopedia, used her great faith to convert Henry to Christianity, and the pair (as well as their children) were popular as great philanthropists.

On Henry’s death in 1238, she decided to live for the rest of her life at the Trebnitz Cistercian convent. Tales of her accomplishments and great faith persisted, according to Encyclopedia, with outlandish claims suggesting that she had the power to recall people from the grave. She died herself in 1243.

Catholic Online reports that Hedwig’s canonization took place in 1267, presided over by Pope Clement IV. St. Hedwig was a lifelong supporter of the ill, the vulnerable and, specifically, orphans. Her name is an appropriate one for the owl owned by Harry Potter, the boy whose parents were killed by the dastardly dark wizard Voldemort in the series.

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