The Ending Of Succession Season 3 Episode 7 Explained

This could be yet another week when we end with Sad Kendall grappling with the weight of his failures. Instead, we get a glimpse of hope from the one relationship on “Succession” that seems like it could work. 

Kendall and Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) met last season when their respective families were negotiating over a proposed merger between their media companies. Kendall and Naomi bonded mostly over their shared struggles with addiction. We haven’t seen much of Kendall and Naomi’s relationship since, but this week it seems to have strengthened considerably in the intervening months.

The couple starts off with a low point. Naomi gives Kendall a gift of a non-engraved watch, and Kendall is rude to her about it. After Naomi witnesses how badly Roman treats his brother at his own birthday party, she comforts him and gives him the advice he needs to get over throwing a “birthday party for an a——,” encouraging him to just let the party fizzle out and spend time with her.

After this week’s events, Kendall’s position has been as weak as it’s been all season. No doubt he still has to pay for attempting to betray Logan, but at least he has Naomi to be there for him.

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