Green Arrow Voice Star Chris Diamantopoulos Reveals The DC Characters He’d Like To Play

Now that Diamantopoulos has shown he has villainous chops in both “Red Notice” and “True Story,” he said he wouldn’t mind playing Superman’s ultimate foe in the DC live-action universe.

“I feel like I’d be a pretty great Lex Luthor, actually, taking that villainy, but taking it a little bit more back to what Gene Hackman did, I think,” Diamantopoulos told Looper in an exclusive interview. “I think Lex Luthor would be great fun actually, but gosh, it’s just such a terrific universe.”

Naturally, because Diamantopoulos has frequently voiced Green Arrow, it would only be logical to tackle the character in a live-action setting as well.

“They did a Green Arrow graphic novel called ‘The Longbow Hunters,’ where Oliver Queen — Green Arrow — is a little older, a little more weathered. It’s a more grown-up take on that subject matter that I thought would be a terrific limited series,” Diamantopoulos told Looper. “I’d love a crack at that. It’d be great to do a live-action Oliver Queen. I wouldn’t say no to that.”

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