Rock legend and Celtic fan Sir Rod Stewart rips into Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane for being a ‘bully’

Sir Rod Stewart has ripped into Sky Sports pundit and former Celtic midfielder Roy Keane for being a ‘bully’ on air after his blazing row with Jamie Carragher last weekend.

Keane and Carragher were involved in a shouting match on Sky Sports duty after Manchester United’s 1-1 draw at Chelsea on Sunday, with the pair debating Cristiano Ronaldo’s role in the Red Devils team after he was benched on the weekend. 

Rock legend Stewart revealed he saw the live row on TV and the lifelong Celtic fan hit out at former Bhoys midfielder Keane for being ‘far too aggressive’ in making his point. 

Sir Rod says Keane is 'too aggressive' while being on the air

Sir Rod Stewart (left) has hit out at Roy Keane (right) for being a ‘bully’ as a Sky Sports pundit

Keane (left) was involved in a furious row with Jamie Carragher (right) live on air last week

Keane (left) was involved in a furious row with Jamie Carragher (right) live on air last week

‘I think Roy can be a bit of a bully sometimes,’ Sir Rod told talkSPORT on Wednesday. ‘I admired him as a player but he’s a bit of a bully. 

‘I think there’s a way of speaking your mind and (then) there’s a way of speaking your mind and he’s far too aggressive. 

‘He was an elite player but do you think he could be a good manager with that approach?’ 

Keane, who played 13 games for Celtic in the 2005-06 season before hanging up his boots, did have a managerial career, taking charge of Sunderland in the Premier League and Ipswich in the second tier before enjoying assistant roles at the Republic of Ireland, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest.

Keane (above) played 13 times for Sir Rod's boyhood club Celtic during the 2005-06 season

Keane (above) played 13 times for Sir Rod’s boyhood club Celtic during the 2005-06 season

The 50-year-old pundit reminded supporters of his time in coaching on the same Sky Sports channel on Sunday as he responded to talk of him potentially taking over as interim coach of former club Manchester United. 

Keane said: ‘They (United) were never going to call me. That was never going to happen. 

‘I’d have no problem going into the dressing room and getting control of any dressing room. I’ve managed in the Premier League, I don’t think that would have been a problem to me. 

‘People tend to forget that I have managed before and that I did OK in the Premier League with Sunderland.’

Sir Rod said Keane's (above) temperament would not make him an elite manager in football

Sir Rod said Keane’s (above) temperament would not make him an elite manager in football

But it was Keane’s row with Carragher after Manchester United’s most recent match that dominated the headlines and went viral on social media. 

The row started when Carragher said: ‘Ronaldo’s not the player he was, he still obviously delivering in terms of goals. But it shouldn’t be this big story Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t start every game or at times comes off. 

In response, Keane said: ‘Not every game Jamie but this is Chelsea, this is a big game for Manchester United. I forgive in Champions League group games when you think you’re gonna get through I get that. 

‘But Ronaldo, if you bumped into him in the car park, you see a guy who’s won everything in the game, he’s come back to lift the club of course he wants to play in these games.’

Keane and Carragher rowed over Cristiano Ronaldo's (above) role at Man United on Sunday

Keane and Carragher rowed over Cristiano Ronaldo’s (above) role at Man United on Sunday 

It was at this point both pundits started talking over each other as Carragher said ‘that’s the case for every player’.

Keane responded: ‘They’re not all world class, he’s played 800 games in his career. If you’re watching Manchester United today and they’re poor you’re still thinking if the ball falls to anybody in world football, even at 36 it’s Ronaldo. 

‘It’s not like he’s come back to the club and he’s not back to speed and looks off, he looks on it, he looks interested. This idea that he’s been blamed for the high pressing. 

‘He’s not pressed for four to six years. Ronaldo’s not going to fix United’s problems but you don’t bring Ronaldo back to Man United to sit on the bench. Of course he’s not going to start every game but this is Chelsea away where you might get a counter attack where you might get one or two balls into the box.’

Carragher then added: ‘Why did Man United sign Cristiano Ronaldo? They signed him to stop him going to Man City. There was no plan to sign Cristiano Ronaldo.’

Keane hit back: ‘He was always going to play, he wasn’t coming back to Man United to stop him going to Man City but sit on the bench. 

Carragher (right) said that Ronaldo's omission from the team at 36 shouldn't be 'big news'

Carragher (right) said that Ronaldo’s omission from the team at 36 shouldn’t be ‘big news’

 ‘I didn’t say that,’ Carragher responded. ‘I’m saying is a Manchester United manager not allowed to put him on the bench?

‘Of course he is,’ Keane said. He then added: ‘His stats since he come back to Man United are good. What’s the game about? Goals.’

Carragher then asked Keane: ‘Are Man United closer to winning the league?’ before Keane responded: ‘Goals are what the game is about, Ian Rush what did he do? Score goals.’ 

Keane then said that while the Liverpool legend ‘pressed’, he didn’t ‘score as many goals’ as Ronaldo.

Carragher made comparisons to Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s situations, stating:  ‘I’m not criticising Ronaldo as player. He’s a phenomenon. I said it mid-week with Messi.

‘PSG have signed Messi, United have signed Ronaldo. Two of the greatest players of all time. 

Carragher made comparisons to Ronaldo's situation with Lionel Messi (above) at PSG

Carragher made comparisons to Ronaldo’s situation with Lionel Messi (above) at PSG

‘Are United closer to the league title than they were last season? No. Are PSG closer to the Champions League? No. You speak about goalscorers, you bring your own input to the team, but it’s a team game.’

Keane hit back that Ronaldo was never brought back to United to win titles. After a further exchange with Carragher he added: ‘It’s the FA Cup and getting in the Champions League. They’ve got to next round of the Champions League, how much is that worth to the club? If you’re looking at the business side of it, the Glazers, share price, that’s why he’s come back for. Second’s no good.’

Carragher responded: ‘When you sign Ronaldo at 36, it’s not to win in four years. If you sign someone at 36 or 37 it’s to win right now. If you sign Varane, a four-time Champions League winner, a World Cup winner right now. Are they any closer to winning?’

The pair continued their shouting match with Keane stating that Ronaldo is at the club to help them win cups and they’re ‘not gonna win the league’ in the next two to three years. 

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