Ashley Graham Shares Her Baby Essentials, Holiday Gift Picks & More

E!: What has it been like preparing for the twins’ arrivals?
AG: I’m glad I’ve done it once. I’m not just walking into twin life as a first-time parent. That makes it a little bit easier. I’ve also been in touch with other twin moms.

A lot of twin mommies have told me is that you don’t need to have two of everything, which is good. Of course, you need to have the essentials, like the stroller and carseats, but you don’t need a whole wardrobe of matching outfits, unless you want to go there, which I totally support too. It was really encouraging to hear that I just didn’t have to buy two of everything because I don’t need to break the bank to get double the amount of items. I’ve just been slowly buying stuff, which is why Affirm is so great. I’ve been buying slowly, breaking up my payments as I go. Affirm has been very handy as I prepare for the babies’ arrival.

I mean, there’s nothing more flexible than being able to pay on your own terms with no late fees. I feel like it’s fantastic. 

E!: When you’re shopping for your child, you don’t want to skimp. You really want to get those high-quality, reliable items. With Affirm you don’t have to compromise on making the purchases that make you feel safe and comfortable.
AG: That’s exactly it. And the fact that you can actually pick it as a payment option when you’re checking out couldn’t be more convenient. Then, you can actually pick what your payment plan is going to be. I think it’s just fantastic. They make it super duper easy. I’ve got the Affirm app, the card, all of the above

E!: It’s refreshing to hear from someone in the public eye who is so open about wanting to be smart with their spending. It’s a great reminder for all of us because no matter how much money we have, it’s important to spread out your purchases and be logical with spending.
AG: I’ve made enough financial bad decisions in life, in my early modeling years, that I figured it I had to figure it out pretty quickly. 

E!: What are some of your favorite stores to shop using Affirm?
AG: Definitely Target. We love some Target up here in this house. A lot of my Christmas shopping has been done at Dyson and Theragun, for those fun, big gift purchases.

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