Chris Wood And Kevin Smith’s Hope For Mark Hamill’s Skeletor On Masters Of The Universe: Revelation

Smith joked that it’s something they’ll have to consider if the show has a Season 2. When discussing fan demand he said, “But yes, Hordak would be amazing. I know, of course, every ‘Masters of the Universe’ fan is like, ‘What about She-Ra?'” There’s a lot of red tape when it comes to adapting a franchise that already exists — especially when the ownership rights are split. Just look at all of the drama that unfolded between Sony and Disney when it came to coming up with a compromise for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

On the technical road bumps that would accompany including characters like She-Ra, Smith explained, “That remains a hope down the road. They’re owned by two different companies, so it’s not that easy. But hope springs eternal, particularly in Eternia. That would be fun. That’d be fun to bring those characters back together, particularly if we got to do a Christmas special. That’d be neat.”

At the notion of a Christmas special, Wood said, “Oh, my God. Yes. Please. Hamill’s quite familiar with Christmas specials, so he’s ready. You know he’s ready.” Given the, shall we say, less than ideal reception of the “Star Wars Holiday Special” that Hamill appeared in, you have to wonder just how much money someone would have to throw at Hamill to take part in another. 

However, Wood was unconcerned about getting Hamill on board, saying, “I think he’d do it for free. He loves Christmas.” Smith added, “Well, especially if it’s voiceover. He could do it from his house.” Wood agreed, “Yeah. Probably should.” Maybe Hamill would be game for a festive voiceover iteration of Skeletor. How about Santa He-Man vs. Skeletor?

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