Discovery Channel Just Dropped Amazing News For BattleBots Fans

Discovery Channel has heard every “BattleBots” fan’s humble wish, and it looks like the network is planning to bring the show back, per an exclusive by The Hollywood Reporter. Ever knowledgeable about the allure of big chunks of metal fighting for victory, the channel has renewed the show. What’s more, it looks like “BattleBots” is coming back even sooner than you think, since the new season is set to premiere on January 6, 2022. In fact, the it already has a pretty neat trailer. 

It’s pretty pointless to delve too long on what the new season is going to be about — a grand tournament in the iconic BattleBox arena in Las Vegas, of course — but you might be intrigued to find out that many of the franchise’s old favorites are set to make a comeback. From End Game and Tombstone to Minotaur and Whiplash, competitors both new and upgraded are on their way to defang each other in a bid for glory. You can also expect Faruq Tauheed to return as the ring announcer, and Chris Rose and Kenny Florian to return as commentators. In other words — exciting times ahead!

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