The Odd Conspiracy Theory About This American Airport

Despite infamous construction problems, the hub opened in 1995 as a replacement for Stapleton Airport. But one could argue of all the many conspiracy theories that really changes everything it’s the one about a secret society that built the airport. Now which group — the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Freemasons, or all of them together — built it depends on whom you talk to, but believers think it was the Freemasons. 

According to Denver, the dedication capstone at the airport’s south entrance, which has a date of March 19, 1994, has a time capsule under it that contains symbols of the Freemasons and the names of two grand lodges and their grand masters. Airport officials say it’s only evidence that the Freemasons did the stonework. Yet, the stone mentions a group called the New World Airport Commission. That group doesn’t actually exist, however, the name is close enough to that of the so-called New World Order that suspicions have abounded for decades (via Denver). Why put the name of a nonexistent group on the capstone of an international airport? That is one of the main questions that drives this theory.

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