The Real Reason Pen15 Is Ending After Two Seasons

At an early screening showing the first two episodes of “Pen15” Season 2, Part 2, Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle held a Q&A session where they revealed why their critically acclaimed show is ending so soon. “When we first talked about making the show 10 years ago, we talked about it in three chapters,” explained Konkle. “And even though [these episodes] are called [Season] 2B, this feels like a third season to us” (via IndieWire).

Konkle went on to say, “It feels like we did it. For now. The other part of it is, we’ve learned that showrunning, acting, producing, it’s all the most creatively fulfilling experience I could ever imagine in my entire life and, like, a recipe for burning out.”

Konkle and Erskine told The New Yorker that the COVID-19 pandemic confirmed to them that they were making the right decision to end the show. During their time off from shooting it — which led to the animated special, “Jacuzzi” – both actresses continued to work and also announced their respective pregnancies. “Pen15” fans were, predictably, delighted by the news, and some have even openly imagined what it might be like if Konkle and Erskine’s children end up experiencing middle school together.

“It’s gonna be really sad,” Erskine said of the show’s ending. “But I’m excited to think about us 10 years from now, where we’ll be and how we’ll look back at it.”

Season 2, Part 2 of “Pen15” premieres on Hulu on December 3.

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