Alec Baldwin’s Body Language During His ABC Rust Interview Was Very Revealing

To learn more about Alec Baldwin’s body language during his ABC interview, Looper got in touch with Body Language Expert Alison Henderson from Moving Image Consulting, and what she found was quite interesting. First and foremost, she mentions that it’s important to keep in mind that Baldwin is an actor, meaning there were fewer visual “tells” to work off of. “At the beginning of the interview, Baldwin was less comfortable and exhibited some holding behavior,” Henderson says, citing him keeping his hands on his knees or lacing his fingers together.

She continues: “The most striking moments were when Mr. Baldwin looked George Stephanopoulos in the eyes and when he didn’t.” Henderson points out that Baldwin appeared truthful when he referred to Hutchins as “fantastic” and uttered the statement “I let go of the hammer, and gun goes off,” due to his eye contact with Stephanopoulos. However, his choice to drop eye contact when claiming he didn’t observe any safety or security issues on-set, as well as his denial that he feels guilty about the situation, indicates there may be more to the story on those points.

The big question remains: was Alec Baldwin being honest throughout this interview? According to Henderson, it’s a bit more complex than a simple “yes” or “no.” “Overall, there was nothing which stood out as a major red flag. However, Alec was also carefully controlling the narrative by bringing up the feeling on set, multiple references to his family, etc. He stuck to his script and his performance.”

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