What Really Happened To Them?

According to the initial investigation of the incident, the fire was caused by faulty wiring, and a coroner concluded that the missing Sodder children didn’t make it out of the blaze. George and Jennie Sodder, however, did not believe that faulty wiring was the cause, as they saw some of the lights in the home still working while the fire grew. They demanded a more thorough investigation into the matter. It seemed that the couple was right, as more information was revealed upon further inspection, per The True Crime Files.

It was later revealed that no human remains were found in the rubble. Furthermore, no one seemed to smell burning flesh during the fire, which would have been a noticeable odor if the five children died in the home. Additionally, the Sodders found out that the house fire was not hot enough, nor did it burn long enough, to turn a skeleton into ashes. A local crematorium concluded that the five skeletons would have been found if the children perished in the fire.

According to the Times West Virginian, the Sodders desperately tried to solve the mystery of what happened to their five children. Private investigators were hired, but it didn’t lead to anything conclusive. The family resorted to erecting a billboard that contained the photos and names of the missing children in hopes of finding them or at least getting information about what happened to them.

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