Maxwell ‘gave school uniform to teen before Epstein sex acts’

Ghislaine Maxwell laid a schoolgirl outfit out for a British teenager to wear before Jeffrey Epstein engaged in sex acts with her, because she “thought it would be fun”, a court heard.

he British socialite is accused of leading the alleged victim, who was 17 when she first met Epstein, to a massage room at her London townhouse, and presenting her with massage oils before saying: “Have a good time.”

Ms Maxwell is accused of preying on vulnerable young girls and luring them to massage rooms to be molested by Epstein between 1994 and 2004.

During her testimony yesterday at the Federal court in the Southern District of New York, the alleged victim, referred to only as ‘Kate’, told jurors the defendant had asked if she knew anybody who could come to her house and give Epstein oral sex, because it was “a lot for her to do”.

The witness said that when she was 18, she went to Epstein’s Palm Beach house in Florida, where the schoolgirl outfit was waiting for her on her bed. Maxwell is alleged to have then told the witness she was “such a good girl” and one of Epstein’s favourites.

Kate told the court she did not tell anyone about her experiences with them because she knew how “well connected” they were, and told the court how Ms Maxwell had said she was friends with the Duke of York and Donald Trump.

Speaking about how she met Ms Maxwell, Kate said her then boyfriend was friends with her and they met one evening in Paris.

Assistant United States attorney Lara Pomerantz asked the witness: “What did you speak about?”

“We spoke about the evening – we were heading out for the evening and we spoke about where I lived, we spoke about the man I was dating, she was asking me things about myself.”

She said she gave Maxwell her phone number on a piece of paper and she called her a few weeks later to invite her over for tea.

“I was very excited about being friends with her… she seemed to be everything I wanted to be and she seemed to like me, so I was excited to go.”

Kate said there were a number of photos of Ms Maxwell and Epstein at her London townhouse when she visited.

“What happened when you went to her townhouse?”

“I had a really lovely time, I felt really special and I felt that I had a friend, a new connection that could be really meaningful to me. I told her that things were quite difficult. (I told her) I lived at home with my mother and she would get very bad migraines and I would often take care of her and give her massages.”

Kate continued: “She told me lots of amazing things about her boyfriend and said he was a philanthropist and liked to help young people, and said at some point it would be wonderful for me to get to meet him.” 

“Where did you meet Epstein?” Ms Pomerantz asked

“At Ghislaine’s house. Ghislaine called me… (she said) he was in town and she would really love it if I could come over to meet him. There was a sense of urgency that I come over and take this opportunity.”

Kate said Ms Maxwell called her again a couple of weeks after her first visit.

She told the jury: “She said that Epstein was meant to get a massage but the massage therapist had cancelled and she said can I come over and do her a favour and do it, because I had such strong hands.”

“Did you go to Maxwell’s house?”


She led me up the stairs and led me to a room with a massage table in. It was dimly lit, there was a massage table and some towels and Jeffrey was in the room.”

Ms Pomerantz asked: “Did Epstein initiate sexual contact with you?”


“After it ended where did you go?”

“I left the room and started walking down the stairs.”

“What did Maxwell say?”

“She said: ‘How did it go? Did you have fun? Was it good?’”

The witness told jurors she saw them “multiple times” over the next few years.

The alleged victim said she became addicted to alcohol, cocaine and sleeping pills during the time she was in contact with Ms Maxwell and Epstein.  
Asked why she did not tell anyone about her encounters with Ms Maxwell and Epstein, Kate said: “I was fearful of disengaging because I knew how connected they both were.”

The court heard that Epstein transferred tens of millions of dollars to Maxwell over eight years, some of which was used to purchase a helicopter.

Bank statements shown for the first time detailed wire transfers of $18.3m in 1999, $5m in 2002 and $7.4m in 2007, in evidence that offered an extraordinary insight into how the heiress financed her lifestyle.

The prosecution hopes that the vast sums of money – still only a fraction of Epstein’s estimated $630m fortune – can show that Ms Maxwell was close to Epstein and his crimes.

Maxwell, who is being held in a US jail since her arrest last year, denies all charges.

The trial continues.

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