Noomi Rapace Confirms Her Co-Star’s ‘Brutal’ On-Set Behavior

Speaking to The Wrap, Noomi Rapace recalled that she had a frosty relationship with the sheep who plays the biological mother of her character’s child in the film “Lamb.” Rapace said the sheep tried to intimidate her by staring and stomping, but she remained unfazed.

“It’s so brutal! I really felt like she was a direct threat against my happiness.” Rapace joked. “It was weird. We didn’t have a good relationship, me and the mother sheep. When I came to set, I always felt like she was staring at me. ‘Lady, look away! Leave me alone!’ And she was doing this stomping movement, trying to scare me, and I’m like, ‘You can’t scare me, b****!'”

In reality, Rapace has a good relationship with animals. In an exclusive interview with Looper, she spoke about growing up on a farm where she was generally isolated from other humans and formed friendships with various animals, an aspect of her life that she tapped into for the role of Maria in the film.

The sheep has yet to issue a comment in response to Rapace’s allegations about her behavior.

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