Book Of Boba Fett’s Rory Ross Unwraps His Tusken Raider Role And Working With Temura Morrison

Are there any specific scenes you filmed with Temuera Morrison that stand out to you?

I didn’t get to be a part of it, but they called us to set. It’s the fight between Joanna Bennett — her Tusken warrior — who takes on Tem. If I remember correctly, his stunt double was actually the one doing the scene at the very beginning, but then his double got hurt and then Tem was like, “Screw it, I’ll do it.” He gets in there and he’s ruffling and tussling with Joanna. Tem’s a beast, but he’s so humble, so gentle of heart and mind, and was very kind and making sure that he was letting everyone [know], “Thank you so much for being on set,” and just making sure that we felt welcome. I can’t speak highly enough of Tem. It was really fun.

I feel like he did get quite annoyed when we were doing this scene where he brings in the speeders and he’s trying to talk to us and saying, “These speeders, they’re for us.” We’re not paying him any mind, we’re just throwing the pieces of this speeder away and thinking, “Oh, we need to take these parts and scavenge them.” There were a few takes where he’s still talking to us and we’re waiting for the chief to give us the signal, and we’re literally just throwing things away and he was like, “Stop! Stop!” I think after a while he was like, “Okay, how long we going to let them go?” [It was a] “Let’s move on” sort of thing.

We were shooting outside for a lot of this, and he was a trooper. That sun — the California sun is no joke, no matter what time of the year — and he was tough, he stayed in [the scene]. Oftentimes, usually you’ll bring in your stand-in, but he would be like, “No, I’m just going to do it because this is my role. This is the ownership I want to take up.”

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