Scream Filmmakers Went To Extreme Measures To Prevent The Cast From Spoiling The Movie

Speaking with Bloody Disgusting, actor Jack Quaid said of his experience during the production of the film by saying, “In terms of my character…especially in the beginning of filming, we all got different scripts. I was never really quite sure what the situation was. In some versions some characters die, in other versions other characters die. In some versions somebody’s the killer, in other versions someone else is the killer. It was like a big game of ‘Among Us.'”

“Among Us” is a popular video game that charges players with discovering which among them is a killer by figuring out who is most “suspect.” Judging by this comment, it appears as if none of the cast actually knew who the real killer was, and it makes sense considering how easy spoilers can disseminate on the internet. Just like at how extreme other high-stakes productions go when it comes to secrecy, like “Game of Thrones” or the most recent “Spider-Man” movie. Ultimately, it seems that Paramount Pictures were not messing around when it came to keeping fans guessing. 

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