Scream’s Mason Gooding And Jasmin Savoy Brown Gush About Jamie Kennedy And Horror Experts

Your charisma on screen is clearly awesome, and it’s obvious how that happened because your chemistry in real life is amazing. So what was it like working together and being on this iconic set and developing your sort of sibling rivalry [dynamic]?

Savoy Brown: [Jokingly] It was tough. We really don’t enjoy each other’s company at all.

Gooding: [Fake seriously] It’s fine. I don’t know why you’re laughing. I don’t know what is funny about that.

Savoy Brown: Yeah, it was tough.

Gooding: Jasmin reminds me each and every day profoundly and exhaustively that I am at work.

Savoy Brown: Yeah, I got to keep him in line.

Gooding: That’s right. God forbid there’s any fun to be had when on set.

Savoy Brown: Get in line.

Gooding: That’s right.

Do you have a favorite scary movie?

Savoy Brown: Oh, man. I mean, it’s probably got to be…

Gooding: It’s got to be “March of the Penguins.”

Savoy Brown: Oh my God. “March of the Penguins” is awful.

Gooding: I mean, if you –

Savoy Brown: So scary.

Gooding: That’s probably the highest body count of any movie ever.

Savoy Brown: Oh man, there [are] so many penguins. And you know how they keep switching to be warm. They move from the inside to [the] outside.

Gooding: And then they just get –

Savoy Brown: Demolished.

Gooding: Listen, and then the sea birds, oh my.

Savoy Brown: Oh, my God…

“Scream” is now playing exclusively in theaters.

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