Sonia Ammar And Mikey Madison Talk Scream (2022) And The Film’s Representation

Mikey, you have some great scenes with Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox. Were you a fan of the original franchise, and how does it feel getting to carve out your own space in Woodsboro and act alongside some of the series’ icons?

Mikey Madison: I think all of us were so excited to work with Neve and Courteney and David [Arquette]. It was really exciting. [Looking at Sonia] I don’t know, how do you feel?

Sonia Ammar: It’s pretty insane. These are actors that we’ve seen on the screen so many times, and we’ve admired and kind of grown up watching [them]. To act with them, let alone just meet them, it was a crazy experience,  and I feel very grateful and humbled, and yeah, what a dream.

I love that this movie and the “Scream” franchise as a whole tackle the idea of this toxic obsession and [the] hero-worshiping of real serial killers. What are your thoughts on this concept, and how do you think “Scream” personifies it?

Madison: I think “Scream” has always been very self-aware, and the directors and writers wrote the movie in a really intelligent way. I think we really wanted the film to represent the real world that we live in within that Woodsboro universe.

Ammar: It’s really cool to see how the script was written. It was really well-written, [including] the way it all intertwines together, like the legacy cast and the new cast and the story and all the fun Easter eggs, and also the reasons for certain things happening. It all makes sense in the end when you watch it, and it’s mind-blowing. It was very witty and intelligent and fun and well done.

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