The Real Reason Mötley Crüe Fired John Corabi

“I went to rehearsal one day, and when I walked in and saw all the managers and the lawyers, I’m like, ‘Uh oh. This isn’t going to be good.'” Corabi shared after the fact. “They basically said, ‘Hey man, thanks for all your efforts. We love you, but the record label just isn’t going to support this version of the band.’ Out the door I went” (via Ultimate Classic Rock).

After growing accustomed to a sound that become trademark for Mötley Crüe throughout the ’80’s, fans understandably weren’t too keen on welcoming an unfamiliar voice in place of Neil’s. Despite his controversial reception from listeners, Corabi stated that he understood why fans didn’t warm up to the new style that followed his installment (per Ultimate Guitar). In a 2015 interview with 100 Percent Rock Magazine, Corabi talked about personnel changes: “… I get the fans, I get why they were upset when I was in the band. I understand it. I don’t disagree with them.”

From 2013-2019, John Corabi fronted The Dead Daisies until his replacement with Deep Purple’s Glenn Hughes (via Consequence).

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