Whatever Happened To Papa Roach?

Certain nu-metal mainstays such as Limp Bizkit started taking long breaks in between albums after the movement lost steam — case in point, their latest album, 2021’s “Still Sucks,” was their first in 10 years (via Louder). Papa Roach, however, kept consistently recording and releasing new music despite the diminishing returns, and boy, those returns have diminished, with their most recent album, “Who Do You Trust?,” entering the Billboard 200 at No. 73 in February 2019 and dropping off after just one week. They did record a song for the soundtrack of “The Avengers” in 2012, but it wasn’t released as a single and didn’t do much to boost their profile.

On the other hand, credit needs to be given where it’s due, as Papa Roach has made efforts to evolve beyond their origins as a nu-metal act; for one, they eschewed rapping fairly quickly, with frontman Jacoby Shaddix telling the Dallas Music Guide (via Blabbermouth) in 2004 that he became “disenchanted” with mainstream hip-hop and wanted to focus instead on his roots as a “rocker.” This was even more evident on their 2009 album “Metamorphosis,” as AllMusic observed that Papa Roach had transformed into an updated version of a 1980s Sunset Strip hair metal act. 2015’s “F.E.A.R.,” meanwhile, seemed to integrate some djent influences, though MetalSucks sarcastically implied that this was a desperate attempt to regain relevance by following what was currently trendy in heavy music.

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