The Bruce Lee Homage You Might Have Missed In The Umbrella Academy Season 3

When it comes to martial arts movie stars, few have looked as good and thrown fists as fast as the legendary Bruce Lee. The action star responsible for bringing Hong Kong action to Western cinema tragically died in 1973 but left behind an incredible legacy with films like “The Big Boss,” his magnum opus “Enter the Dragon,” and the posthumous release, “Game of Death.” The latter released in 1978, debuted what is perhaps Lee’s most iconic outfit, a yellow tracksuit with black stripes that has woven it’s way into movie history in more ways than one. In 2003, the same getup was given a loving homage in “Kill Bill Vol. 1” from director Quentin Tarantino, when Uma Thurman wore a variation of it to play the sword-swinging Bride. 

Originally, Lee — according to his daughter Shannon (via Medium) — saw this tracksuit as a statement in what he hoped to convey with his art and unique skill. “My father chose the yellow-and-black tracksuit that he wore in ‘Game of Death’ to represent his idea of ‘the style of no style,’ she explained. “He wanted to wear something that didn’t signal that he was affiliated with any particular style — he was instead representing himself and his own style.”

Now we know what you’re thinking. Lee’s eye-catching outfit was black on yellow, while Pogo’s is reversed. Well, here is where — like our astute and well-trained simian — we’re about to drop some knowledge that’s part trivia, and part theoretical study in alternate timelines.

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