The Major Way Marvel Fans Think Morbius’ Flop Will Affect The Comics

In a subreddit dedicated to all things Spider-Man, u/SuperAllowBerseker asked the question of how the decidedly negative reception to “Morbius” will impact the actual comic book character, who had been something of a fan-favorite. It’s a fair thought because, historically, these seemingly separate mediums influence the creative decisions of the other. For reference, consider how for Marvel’s Ultimate comics, which were released in 2000, Nick Fury was redesigned to look like Samuel L. Jackson, eventually leading to Jackson actually being cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — and, in an even more circular way, the contemporary non-Ultimate Nicholas Fury Jr., who also resembles Jackson, replaced the original character’s role altogether.

With that in mind, the suggestions which cropped up in the comments on the Reddit post, which are far less weighty, will seem practically confirmed before launch.

“Michael will start saying ‘it’s morbin time’,” commented u/Amazingspiderwriter. In response, u/Mongoose42 countered that “Deadpool will start saying ‘It’s morbin time’.” Which does seem likely, given that Deadpool is famously known for breaking the fourth wall, both in the comics and in the Ryan Reynolds films. 

The rest of the comment section went on to say much of the same, with a few, like u/davidisligman, who noted that the reference to the meme will probably only take place long after the internet has forgotten about it, thereby making it far too late to effectively cash in on its social capital. Considering the half-life of any given meme feels like approximately five business days in 2022, it’s almost a guarantee that any further usage of the joke by professional hands will inevitably miss the mark. But, hey, that won’t make it any less funny to see.

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