Ray Warren gets to call his 100th Origin match after all with fans COUNTING commentary on Bluey  

Ray Warren gets to call his 100th State of Origin match after all with delighted fans COUNTING his commentary on footy-themed episode of smash hit kids’ TV show Bluey

  • Warren has been the ‘voice of rugby league’ over 55 years of commentary
  • He retired from broadcasting this year after 99 State of Origin matches 
  • Many thought he would be left stranded on that number in retirement
  • However, there are now calls for his stint on Australian cartoon Blue where he reprises his role as an Origin commentator to count toward his tally 

The voice of rugby league will not be left stranded on 99 State of Origin matches after all, with NRL fans uniting to count his recent appearance on children’s cartoon Bluey as his 100th game behind the microphone.

After 55 years of broadcasting including 45 grand finals and 99 Origin matches, Ray ‘Rabbits’ Warren called time on his commentary career this year for health reasons.

Even when he was calling his 99th match, Warren always remained anxious before a broadcast because he was worried he would make a mistake.

Warren sat in the commentary seat for State of Origin since its inception and retired having called 99 matches over a decorated 55-year career in broadcasting

Ultimately that shaped his decision to stand down, leaving behind an enormous legacy.

However, perhaps he won’t be stranded on a Don Bradman-esque 99 after all.

Bluey is a Brisbane-made cartoon that has captured the hearts and minds of Australians of all ages – and has developed a huge following overseas as well.

This week the show celebrated State of Origin in an episode called The Decider and Ray Warren lent his voice to provide the commentary for the match being played out before the Heeler family and their friends and neighbours.

It was authentic commentary that also included moments from Maroons legend Johnathan Thurston in a see-sawing match that saw the Maroons run down a huge NSW lead to claim the shield.

Fans say the commentary was so authentic, it has to be included in Warren’s career tally.  

‘That has to be counted as Ray Warren’s 100th #Origin right?’ Nathan Dowd tweeted.

‘Watched origin episode of @OfficialBlueyTV tonight, surely that counts as Ray Warren’s 100th origin?’ Robby M agreed.

Fans on Facebook are counting it as well.

‘He gets his 100th origin after all,’ Phil Williams said.

‘Rabs will call his 100th origin after all,’ Mitch O’Hare posted. 

State of Origin came to ABC children's cartoon Blue this week, exploring the passion for the game, the concept of mate against mate and an authentic experience featuring Ray Warren

State of Origin came to ABC children’s cartoon Blue this week, exploring the passion for the game, the concept of mate against mate and an authentic experience featuring Ray Warren

For the most part, the commentary is so authentic you could be fooled into believing it was ripped from a previous game, not specially recorded for this episode.

However, Rabs does throw some zingers in to remind you this is original content, including hilariously calling a Queensland player ‘Flogger’.

‘Hang on a moment, the referee wants to check if Flogger obstructed the defender on the way through,’ he says as the Maroons are denied a ry.

‘Ray Warren calling a disallowed try by the Queensland player ‘Flogger’ has made my day,’ a fan named Gerard posted.

‘Haha it absolutely rules that Ray Warren called the Origin game in today’s Bluey!’ Mat Kertesz Tweeted.

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