The Untold Truth Of My Favorite Murder

Karen and Georgia not only discuss murders in their podcast, but they also leave listeners with words of advice to avoid, well, getting murdered. Every episode, the duo signs off with the phrase, “Stay sexy, and don’t get murdered” (that’s SSDGM for murderinos). They’ve also shared other tips, such as “pepper spray first and apologize later,” and “f**k politeness.” Many fans take these words to heart, and one woman even said that it may have saved her life.

Hannah Sydney Thees, a murderino, was taking her dog out on a walk while she was heavily pregnant when a man tackled her and attempted to sexually assault her, per Yahoo. She said listening to “My Favorite Murder” prepared her for such a situation and she fought off her attacker by poking his eyes and punching him, all the while thinking “stay sexy and don’t get murdered.”

Another murderino, Anita Mena, said that she lives by Karen and Georgia’s words and recalled a time when she was playing with her child at an empty park and a man decided to sit near them. That’s when she decided to leave the park. “The podcast hasn’t made me scared of people, but now I have a heightened sense of awareness,” she said (via San Antonio Current).

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