The Scary Story Behind The Most Haunted Painting In History

Then, “The Hands Resist Him” reemerged in 2000 when a couple posted the painting for sale on eBay — and claimed, with photographic evidence, that it was haunted.

As reported by Vintage News Daily, the sellers claimed that the painting was cursed. According to Dummies, the sellers’ children claimed that the figures in the painting were fighting with each other and would move at night, sometimes coming into their room. The Daily Dot adds that in order to put his daughter’s mind to rest, the man placed a motion-triggered camera in the room, thinking he’d prove that haunted paintings don’t exist. Instead, he claimed to have captured footage of the young boy attempting to escape the painting. The sellers added that anyone seeking to purchase the painting would have to sign a disclaimer releasing them from all liability.

The whole thing went viral. The eBay listing was visited 30,000 times, and many people claimed that simply viewing the painting on their computer screens made them physically ill, caused them to blackout and lose time, or hear creepy voices. The price ballooned from $199 to $1,025. The winning bid was a gallery owner, and the painting remains in storage in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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