Jared Leto Is Unrecognizable In New House Of Gucci Trailer

Throughout the “House of Gucci” trailer, viewers get a handful of glimpses at Jared Leto’s take on Paolo Gucci. His dark mustache, unkempt yet balding hair, and graying sideburns mark a stark contrast to the younger, cleaner portrait the actor is known for. Not to mention, his flamboyant, era-appropriate clothing and plenty of jewelry make up the cherry on top of his historically-based look. To some, this is a crazy feat for Leto to pull off, but in the grand scheme of his career, it’s just another day at the office.

Across his lengthy big screen tenure, Jared Leto has never shied away from extended visits to the makeup chair or extreme body changes to perfect his presentation. Who could forget his remarkable transformation into Rayon for 2013’s “Dallas Buyers Club,” or his controversial yet buzz-worthy rendition of the Joker for 2016’s “Suicide Squad”? Even in productions like “The Little Things” and “Blade Runner 2049,” he has managed to tweak just enough small elements of his appearance to bring his performances to the next level.

If this teaser was of any indication, the marriage of Jared Leto’s acting skills and his apparent ability to shapeshift into just about anyone — including Paolo Gucci — will undoubtedly be a highlight of “House of Gucci.”

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