The Creepy Tale Of The Omen Curse Will Leave You With Chills

Despite these occurrences and Robert Munger’s warning, production continued. According to PopSugar, producer Harvey Bernhard began wearing a cross to set. Still, this did little to prevent the rest of the misgivings that occurred both during and after the filming of “The Omen.” Accounts vary, but a plane crash related to the film did happen, and some say it was a flight Gregory Peck was supposed to be on before canceling it (via Screen Rant).

At one point, an animal trainer was brought in to deal with the baboons involved in a zoo scene. That trainer died a day after the scene was filmed due to a tiger attack. Another scene involving trained rottweilers went awry when they began to attack the stuntman, Film Daily reports. According to TheTalko, the special effects consultant on the film, John Richardson, got into a grizzly car accident while he was working on his next film. This resulted in the death of his girlfriend in a similar manner to one of the scenes he had worked on in “The Omen.”

Per, The Independent, “The Omen” is far from being the only film that’s cursed. Other films that are said to have dealt with unexplained occurrences include “Poltergeist,” “Insidious,” and “The Conjuring.”

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