The Real Reason You Weigh Less Near The Equator

The equator experiences gravity and other forces differently than other parts of Earth, like the North or South Pole. Your body won’t actually change when journeying to that part of the world, but how you experience gravity will, according to Dr. Christopher Baird, an assistant professor of physics at West Texas A&M University.  The earth is not a perfect sphere — because it constantly spins, it is an oblate spheroid. 

Gravity’s strength diminishes as you travel away from the gravitational body; The equator is farther away from Earth’s field than the North or South Poles, for instance. If the scale hits 200 pounds at the North Pole then you will weigh about two pounds less at the equator. Because of the Earth’s spinning, the centrifugal force at the equator reaches its apex and disappears at the Poles, explained NASA. The equator’s concentrated centrifugal force mitigates gravity allowing your weight to seemingly lessen when in that area.

Too bad Mars is not ready for colonization yet. On the red planet, the differences in gravity would allow you to halve your size says Curly Tales … and that’s without giving up carbs! 

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