Joaquin Phoenix Gets Candid About Joker 2 Progress

During a recent interview with The Playlist, Joaquin Phoenix was asked about the state of “Joker 2” and he didn’t hold back about the uncertainty of the project. “I mean, I dunno. From when we were shooting, we started to —you know, uhh, this is an interesting guy,” Phoenix said. “There are some things we could do with this guy and could [explore] further. But as to whether we actually will? I don’t know.”

Phoenix definitely seems to reiterate that there are places left to take the Joker character, but his uncertainty over the project is more than likely a disappointment to fans. Earlier in the year, The Hollywood Reporter revealed (briefly) that “Joker” director Todd Phillips was co-writing a script for a sequel, so that’s at least an encouraging sign. However, one has to wonder if things have changed between now and then, given Phoenix’s reticence when it comes to confirming a sequel. 

Another possibility is that Phoenix is simply playing coy. Perhaps he doesn’t want to give away any information before Phillips and Warner Bros. are ready to announce anything. Only time will tell what turns out to be the case for “Joker 2.”

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