The Real Reason Halloween Kills Is So Gory

During a press roundtable attended by Looper, “Halloween Kills” director David Gordon Green revealed that the movie audiences will see is far more gory than it used to be. According to Green, the movie, in which final girl Laurie Strode bands together with her daughter and granddaughter to hunt down slasher psychopath Michael Myers, was originally devoid of the brutal killings it now contains. It wasn’t until the film reached the editing room that those involved decided to up the ante on the gore.

David Gordon Green says that, upon seeing it in the editing bay, they decided subtlety is not what the “Halloween” franchise is known for and decided to add the unabashed slasher violence that is the hallmark of the series. What a Michael Myers movie without brutal slayings would look like is anyone’s guess, but with critics praising the boogeyman’s “beyond inescapable” and “truly inhuman” murders, it seems like putting the killings back in “Halloween Kills” was the right call, after all.

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