Is There A Connection Between Full Moons And Criminal Activity?

However, though no connection was found between the full moon and crime in this particular study, others have yielded thought-provoking results. According to The Guardian, a 2007 police investigation into crime in Sussex, England, and the lunar cycle saw a “trend” in which violent crime was more common around the time of the full moon, while a similar study among inmates in a British jail also revealed similar findings. The same source reveals that the belief in the “lunar effect” is not reserved simply for police, but also those who work in venues where people are drinking, such as nightclub security guards.

The same year that the study from NYU disproved the phenomenon, a BBC report expounded the evidence of lunar cycles’ effect on the mood of American psychiatric patients — a potential precursor to criminal activity — arguing that just as the moon affects tidal change, its gravitational pull might well interfere with the water of the human body. The moon has long been believed to have a physiological effect on the human body, especially on “human reproduction, in particular fertility, menstruation, and birth rate,” according to the academic Michal Zimecki, via the National Library of Medicine.

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