The Untold Truth Of Paul Anka

For Paul Anka, Frank Sintra was one of his greatest musical icons. According to “My Way,” the singers spent a lot of time together in Las Vegas, and Anka admired Sinatra for his star power. Anka wrote, “He took no sh** from anyone. He was a people’s star. We all wanted to emulate him but knew we couldn’t. He was the boss.”

According to Anka’s official website, the musician revered Sinatra and was fascinated by the kind of songs he wrote. When the crooner told Anka that it was time for him to bid adieu to rock n’ roll, he was deeply affected and ended up penning the iconic song, “My Way” for Sinatra. As per Closer Weekly, Anka wanted to ensure that Sintara went out on a high note. Anka mentioned that Sinatra had opened up to him. “He was being hassled, had all kinds of things going against him, but he wanted to do one last album. I realized that if I wanted to write for him, it had to be now,” Anka said.

According to CBC, “My Way” was inspired from a French track titled “Comme d’habitude.” When he was done writing the song, Anka was quite overwhelmed by what he’d managed to pull off, saying that he was sure that it was going to be a massive hit. He was correct. Sinatra’s recorded version of “My Way” is iconic.

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