Tamar Braxton Addresses An Interesting Issue About Money In A Relationship

Tamar Braxton had something interesting to say about paying in a relationship. Check out what she had to say about the matter.

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Someone said: ‘Some men are so cheap nowadays that they want you to do everything! They want to come to your house watch your Fire Stick, Netflix or whatever you have they want you to cook dinner so they don’t have to spend no money and then they still have the nerves to try to get your cookie.’

One fan said: ‘”old school” like barefoot and pregnant, no job, no credit card old school? Women can be doctors, lawyers, CEOs, astrophysicists. But going half on a date is too much?’

Someone else posetd this: ‘I mean… In the very beginning I EXPECT to be wooed, swept off my feet and spoilt rotten by the gentle brotherWinking facebut as our relationship progresses then 50/50 naturally falls into place where necessary but whose counting at that point.Grinning face with smiling eyes Every man is different I suppose.’

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A fan said: ‘I think all people are the same . When i go out with NON famous people. We pay 50/50 . If You are famous. You Get the same treatment. Just trying to make a Friend first.’

One followe rposted this: ‘Yeah we neither one of us can pay all of it that’s no good. That shows how much we care about each other. Which isn’t great if I wouldn’t even pay for you to eat.’

A fan said: ‘I don’t even go half & half w friends. We just take turns paying the tab. One of us will pay for dinner the other leaves the tip. One of us pays for drinks, the other leaves the tip. One buys the movie tickets the other pays for snacks… is a healthy rotation.’

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