The Creative Ways Star Trek Tried To Save Money

One of the biggest money-saving efforts by the show’s production team would also turn out to be something the show was well-recognized for, and it all started during the debut year. In the “Star Trek” world, which is based in space in the 23rd century, a captain and his crew embark on various voyages to worlds unknown to Earth. Their mode of travel is the starship — a massive spacecraft. When reaching new territory, the show needed to portray crew members moving between their ship and these new planets. But repeatedly showing a ship landing every episode — on a show where literally every week there was a new discovery — would’ve been costly, says Comic Book Resources. 

To save money (and time), a new concept came about as a workaround. The transporter, a teleportation machine, is known to Trekkies (or Trekkers, if you prefer) as the device that transported crew members from the ship to a planet down below. On television it worked perfectly, because one minute a cast member was on screen, but then stepped into the device and slowly disappeared to reappear in another scene. The limited funding motivated the creation of a “Star Trek” mainstay.

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