The Real Reason Cult Of Chucky Ended On A Cliffhanger

With the premiere episode of “Chucky” nearly upon us, fans are eagerly awaiting to find out what happened to their favorite killer doll since they last saw him — not to mention the fates of the other characters. According to director and writer Don Mancini, the cliffhanger ending of “Cult of Chucky” was a deliberate decision for the franchise’s future.

“Oh, I had a fairly solid plan [for the ‘Chucky’ television series] even when I was writing ‘Cult of Chucky,'” Mancini recently told in an in-depth interview tied to the upcoming TV show. “That’s why I deliberately ended that movie with a series of cliffhangers [that] left all of the major characters with a question mark. It was very ‘Empire Strikes Back’ that way.”

He then explained, “I knew that answering those questions and exploring the implications of where we left all of the characters” was better suited for television rather than film because it “was going to be a better place to explore all of that because it’s so dense. There’s so much going on. So yeah, I was sort of planning it out as back when I was writing ‘Cult of Chucky’ four or five years ago. I’m just a little amazed that it all worked out because it’s so rare, you know.”

Luckily, the risky creative move to have such an open-ended credits scene seems to have paid off. If Syfy’s “Chucky” proves to be the success Mancini hopes for, then fans can expect lots of scares and wild antics from the unkillable psychotic red-haired playmate. The first episode of “Chucky” airs at 10 p.m. on SyFy on Tuesday, October 12.

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