Marvel Producer Weighs In On Which Current Hero Could Take On An Eternal

Speaking with, Moore addressed the power levels of the Eternals and how they compare to the Avengers and other fan-favorite heroes. While the Eternals seem to be at a higher level than most others, even the likes of Thor and Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, played by Brie Larson, would be difficult for even the Eternals to defeat. Moore recognized Captain Marvel’s capabilities, saying, “I mean, when Captain Marvel goes Binary, that is tough.” Captain Marvel in Binary form is widely recognized as one of the most powerful heroes throughout all of Marvel, and arguably the most powerful in the MCU right now. In fact, fans are extremely hopeful that Captain Marvel’s full expanse of powers, and specifically the Binary form, will feature heavily in “The Marvels,” the upcoming sequel to “Captain Marvel.” 

While Moore stated that Captain Marvel in Binary form would be tough for the Eternals to beat, he thought that Captain Marvel versus Thena, the character played by Jolie in “Eternals,” would be quite an even match. Moore described Thena’s powers, stating that “it will be as if Captain America, who I would argue is probably the best physical fighter, was powered by cosmic weapons. She’s going to be a problem.” Along with Thena, the rest of the Eternals also seem like very powerful and capable fighters, so it will definitely be interested to see them hopefully match up with other MCU characters in the future. 

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