The New Exorcist Trilogy Is Closer Than You Think

During an interview with Collider, David Gordon Green confirmed that the script for the first film in his “The Exorcist” trilogy is written. The other two films are currently being outlined, however, which makes sense. While Green did say that “The Exorcist” films were still a little ways off, the fact that the first film’s script is already done is huge news. Interestingly enough, during the interview, Green said that he wasn’t approaching “The Exorcist” in the same way as he was the “Halloween” films, as he rightly sees them as very different types of horror.

With that in mind, here’s hoping that Green can capture the same magic that made the original “The Exorcist” so beloved by audiences and critics alike. Given the popularity and success of his 2018 “Halloween,” there’s certainly a lot of hype and cautious optimism surrounding his iteration of “The Exorcist.” Of course, depending on how successful Green is wrapping up his “Halloween” trilogy, that could certainly swing the hype in either direction. Fans will simply have to wait for the rest of his “Halloween” films and the first “The Exorcist” film in his new trilogy to release to find out for certain.

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