The Untold Truth Of Diana Ross

Following The Primettes’ first Motown audition in 1960, Berry Gordy hired Diana Ross as his secretary, with poor results. “She was so bad as a secretary that I had to let her go,” Gordy told Rolling Stone in 1990. “You know, my messages were mixed up and everything.” Still, Gordy’s fondness for Ross was apparent soon after he signed The Supremes. “I made the choices of who sung lead, and my opinion was always that Diana had the magic and Mary [Wilson] didn’t,” he told Rolling Stone. “And it was perhaps favoritism, because Diana was a favorite of mine. But she had the talent to justify that favoritism.”

Gordy got involved with Ross, who was 14 years his junior, at some point after his 1964 divorce. “It’s very clear why I fell in love with Diana,” he told Vanity Fair in 2008. “She was my star, and she came from the bottom up. With her it was not only fun, it was just like heaven working with her because she would surpass anything … and she always kept her self-esteem. She always told me, ‘If you think it, I can do it.’ And she did.”

Still, Gordy and Ross did not end up together. In an interview with Barbara Walters, Gordy said the pair split because he was “more in love with her becoming the biggest star in the world,” adding, “I said if this is going to get in the way, we can’t do it.”

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