Why Sal From Little Italy Looks So Familiar

While Adam Ferrara had previously appeared on TV in a few roles that lasted for between one and three episodes in total, “The Job,” which premiered in 2001, was his first time making up a part of the main cast of a TV series. “The Job” stars Denis Leary of “Demolition Man” fame as a wisecracking New York City cop named Mike McNeil. As described in an Entertainment Weekly writeup from around the time of its premiere, the release of “The Job” coincided with the popularity of racy cop drama “NYPD Blue.” Whereas “NYPD Blue” is gritty, however, “The Job” aims for a comedic tone, largely resultant from its unhinged protagonist.

Ferrara portrays one of the cops in McNeil’s unit, named Tommy Manetti. While Leary is the show’s star, Ferrara is part of an ensemble cast surrounding him who share many of his uncouth proclivities. In the series’ ninth episode, for example, Tommy and fellow detective Frank Harrigan (Lenny Clarke) plant a dead body in the jurisdiction of a rival from another branch of the NYPD. Ferrara was credited in all 19 episodes of the series’ two-season run.

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