Court Records Reveal What Really Happened On The Rust Set

Also included in The Hollywood Reporter’s coverage of the most recent news are updates on evidence and information that has been gathered thanks to the recently issued warrant. Per the document, Baldwin didn’t check the gun himself before using it, instead choosing to trust the assistant director who handed him the gun and told him it was “cold,” or safe to use. It’s unclear whether it was his responsibility to check the weapon before firing (unlikely, even though Deadline has reported that the actors did receive some gun safety training), or whether it was that of the AD or someone else in the chain of command. Adding to that is the fact that the sheriff’s office has cleared Baldwin for travel and declared him “a free man,” as quoted by USA Today.

The warrant also allowed local law enforcement to obtain the gun that was fired, as well as the suit Baldwin was wearing at the time. The costume reportedly became stained with blood during the course of events. Hopefully, forensic evidence from the gun will help shed some light on how and why this tragedy took place.

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