’80s Rock Stars Accused Of Serious Crimes

If any one band embodied the menacing-meets-sleazy party rock scene of the 1980s, it’s Mötley Crüe. They were the toast of the L.A. glam-metal world, and sold millions of albums worth of its proud tales of debauchery, relationships, and partying, with memorable songs like “Kickstart My Heart,” “Shout at the Devil,” and “Dr. Feelgood.”

In 1997, Mötley Crüe hit the road for its comeback “Generation Swine” tour and at the end of a show at America West Arena in Phoenix, according to MTV, invited the audience to storm the stage. Fearing a destructive riot, security guards tried to hold back the crowd, but Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee didn’t like that, so they allegedly kicked, pushed, and spat on guard Kenneth Lee Chambers. (Hundreds of fans made it onto the stage and caused extensive property damage.) 

According to the Los Angeles Times, Lee’s sentence consisted of an $800 fine and 30 days in jail, which thanks to a plea bargain, he served as part of the six-month sentence he was already serving at the time over an act of domestic violence involving his former wife, Pamela Anderson. Sixx, per the Greensboro News and Record, pleaded no contest, was convicted of assault and inciting a riot, and received a 30-day suspended sentence and probation.

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