Why Vi From Arcane Sounds So Familiar

That same month, Steinfeld made her debut in the Marvel universe, playing Gwen Stacy aka Spider-Woman in Sony’s “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” animated film. You may recall that in this film, Gwen Stacy was a Spider-themed hero from a different dimension, pulled into Miles Morales’ reality by Kingpin’s Super-Collider. Bitten by a radioactive spider at a young age, her best friend was once Peter Parker, whose death becomes a prime motivating factor in her heroism. She was technically the first character from another dimension that Miles met, having gone undercover at his school, Brooklyn’s Visions Academy, once her Spider-Sense led her there. You may remember that Miles — developing his super-powers — got his hands stuck in her hair, forcing her to shave one side of her head.

“Spider-Gwen is everything I’ve ever dreamed of being. Playing this character really was a dream come true — playing a superhero, at that. But she really is just a free-spirited, spunky, witty, natural leader that is all-around awesome,” Steinfeld said in an iHollywoodTV interview, also calling the character “quite inspiring.” 

Steinfeld will be returning to the role for the sequel (via THR), which is due out next year.

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