Amy Schumer Reacts After Man Meets Her “Screaming” 2-Year-Old Son Gene

Celebs—they’re just like us!

Amy Schumer may be a popular comedienne and actress, but when it comes down to it, she’s just a regular mom. Case in point: Amy recently had to chase after her two-year-old son, Gene Fischer, who was seemingly keen on exploring New York City.

Little Gene was apprehended by Carlton J. Smith, who shared on Instagram that he met the 40-year-old actress and her son as he was running some errands on Tuesday, Nov. 9.

“As I walked down the block to my apartment hauling a shopping cart full of albums… a little blonde kid comes running toward me screaming with his arms outstretched,” he wrote. “So I prepared to let my hands go because I’ll knock a toddler out over my vinyl (joke) but just then his mother comes towards me laughing. So I laugh as well.”

That mother just so happened to be Amy, who Carlton described as “incredibly sweet and gracious.”

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