The Song That Alanis Morissette Wants Played At Her Funeral

As part of its Six Songs of Me Project, The Guardian interviewed the Canadian singer in September 2012. She was asked six questions, and could only choose a single song each as the answer. It’s illuminating enough to learn that the first album Alanis Morissette purchased was The Smurfs’ “The Smurfs All Star Show,” but her selection of a funeral song is poignant, touching, and oh-so-appropriate: “Ave Maria.”

She specified that she meant the version by Aaron Neville. Of the 25 different takes on the song she has heard, Neville’s is the one she likes the best. She chose the song, she told The Guardian, because she had it played at her grandmother’s funeral, per her wishes, and would like to follow her lead. It’s a song that has been tackled by many musicians, not to mention adapted and attempted by several composers (19th century musical maestro Frank Liszt, per Interlude, wrote multiple takes on it, for piano and voice), noted for its emotional resonance and iconic nature.

Morissette even went so far as to decide when her funeral will be. “I’ve decided I’m going to [live to] be 108,” she joked to The Guardian.

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