The Cheaper By The Dozen Reboot Will Come To Disney+ Sooner Than You Think

Zach Braff and Gabrielle Union attended this year’s Disney+ Day to share some exciting news about the “Cheaper by the Dozen” reboot. In the video, which you can view on the streaming service’s official Twitter account, the pair revealed that the new film will hit Disney+ in March 2022.

The good news didn’t end there, either. Union also shared some details about the movie and what viewers can expect from the story. According to Union, “Cheaper by the Dozen” is centered around a “multi-racial, blended, family of 12, navigating a hectic home life while managing their family business.”

The duo didn’t share much information beyond that, but the early revelations suggest that the chaotic essence of the original films will remain firmly intact, all the while boasting a fresh, original spin on what is a very familiar story at this point.

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