The Untold Truth Of Star Trek’s Majel Barrett

Barrett is most well-known to fans as the computer voice, but real “Trek” fans know Barrett has had a far more significant role than that. She’s so tied to the show, beyond her relationship with its creator, that fans called her the First Lady of Star Trek, wrote the Los Angeles Times.

Aside from the Nurse Chapel, who appeared in the original series, Barrett also starred as another character on the show. When the spin-off “Star Trek: The Next Generation came out, Barrett was tapped to play Lwaxana Troi, the domineering, loud, and gregarious mother of Deanna Troi. IMDb said Barrett appeared in 104 episodes of “TNG” and 33 episodes of “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.”

As for her best-known contribution, Barrett provided the computer voice for all starships in most “Star Trek” programs. Before her death in 2008, Barrett recorded lines to voice the computer for the reboot movies. And Barrett wasn’t just in “Trek”; she was also in an episode of the sci-fi series “Babylon 5.”

Barrett also provided the voice-over for another form of present-day transportation. Per the Times of UK, Union Pacific Railways used her voice for their trains.

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