DaBaby Slammed For Kicking Baby Momma Out Of Condo After ‘Absolutely Foul’ Verbal Dispute Goes Viral

Rapper DaBaby is facing major backlash online after a Sunday night argument with the mother of his child went viral on Instagram Live.

The performer is being criticized by fans after both he and DaniLeigh posted videos to their Instagram accounts showing what appeared to be a nasty verbal dispute in front of their newborn. DaBaby is being blasted on social media for allegedly calling the police and demanding that his baby momma leave his condominium in the middle of the night, evidently with nowhere to go.

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According to Hot 97, the incident began when the rapper appeared on Instagram Live on Sunday night showing DaniLeigh, a 26-year-old singer, feeding their 3-month-old baby.

The on-again, off-again couple got into an argument which quickly escalated. As you can see (below), the video then abruptly ended during the disagreement, leading fans to speculate about the events as they unfolded:

In a subsequent IG Live video published by DaniLeigh, the police are shown arriving at the property. At that point, DaBaby — real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk — reportedly asked them to remove her from his home.

It was not clear whether DaniLeigh had anywhere safe to go, hence outrage from fans who disapproved of DaBaby’s decision to have her removed. Seriously, who does that?! And was she meant to take their child with her??

The 29-year-old rapper released a lengthy statement about the situation after the exchange, telling fans in part:

“Based on my reputation, with multiple threats of setting up an internet scheme & a person refusing to not let me go. Me and somebody else here knew to record her. I don’t beat on and yelled at and chased around like one of them fatal love attraction type girls. … [I] just want her peacefully removed.”

Following his statement, DaniLeigh released a rebuke of her own.

She claimed the root cause of the argument stemmed from her decision to have Plan B contraception delivered to his condo:

“Since Baby want put up a ‘statement’ with his cap ass, I’ll put mine up … so we have been living with each other for the past three months since our baby been born. Tonight he wanna come in the room talking bout ‘I need to go’ don’t matter where I go… mind u I have a newborn child. … This man is mad because I had a plan B sent to his condo.”

And she added more in a series of posts to her IG Stories in the aftermath, as you can see here:

DaniLeigh spoke out in several IG Stories posts on Sunday night! / (c) DaniLeigh / Instagram


On Monday morning, the rapper addressed the situation again in a one-minute-long video posted to his Instagram account, saying:

“Long story short, you make them kids, deal with them, handle them kids. You got your bed, lay in it. Deal with what come with it. But don’t let nobody play with your character, or damage your integrity as a father out here. Don’t let nobody play in real life.”

Here’s his full response video:

Even with that response, fans were NOT siding with DaBaby in this situation.

In fact, the rapper experienced a significant backlash from social media users who criticized him for the argument itself, as well as his decision to have DaniLeigh removed from his house in the middle of the night months after having given birth to his child.

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Here are just a few reactions from fans, who were not shy about sharing their opinions both via Instagram comments and Twitter posts (below):

“Who kicks out the mother of their child and baby onto the street like that bro”

“Some ppl don’t deserve money and fame. Out here teaching young men this s**t is okay.”

“I am not the biggest DaniLeigh fan but how DaBaby did her was ABSOLUTELY FOUL! You putting a woman out the house WITH A NEWBORN BABY in the middle of the night. I really truly hope the worst for him. Sending prayers for Dani mental and emotional well being”

“How you giving statements to the police on your baby mama to leave and she just put y’all baby to sleep”

“How is kicking her out of your house dealing with it? Lmao your [sic] a weirdo”

“DaBaby antagonizing her on IG Live while she’s feeding her child is crazy. He’s so mean spirited that it’s disgusting.”

“So, DaBaby got on live to make sure we all witnessed him putting out Dani Leigh and they new born… for protection? That child can’t even have a bottle in peace”


What do U make of this controversy, Perezcious readers?!

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[Image via DaBaby/DaniLeigh/Instagram]

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