What Yoko Ono’s Relationship With The Beatles Was Really Like

As an individual musician, George Harrison was just as talented as any of his bandmates. However, as Far Out Magazine explains, having the team of John Lennon and Paul McCartney taking up the spotlight and space on albums, Harrison’s own creativity was usually stifled. Much of the resentment he already had at this reality was exacerbated by Yoko Ono’s presence, leading her to become a pillow that Harrison screamed into when frustrated. 

“And George … insulted her right to her face in the Apple office at the beginning, just being ‘straight forward’ you know, that game of ‘well, I’m going to be upfront because this is what we’ve heard and Dylan and a few people said she’s got a lousy name in New York, and you gave off bad vibes,'” recalled Lennon of Harrison’s immediate disdain towards Ono.

In one episode, recounted in “Here, There and Everywhere,” by Geoff Emerick (via Far Out Magazine), Harrison snapped at Ono for taking one of his biscuits during a recording session, and by the time of their final album, “Let It Be,” Harrison reached his breaking point. According to I Heart Radio, Harrison left the band for a week after a dispute over plans for a performance he felt was “very expensive and insane.”

Lennon said following Harrison’s initial departure, “it’s a festering wound.” The years of frustration with the band seemed to subside once the group ended. After the group’s break-up, Harrison and Lennon had one of the closest relationships of any Beatle, which included having a close relationship with Ono.

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