French police evacuate migrants from makeshift camp near Dunkirk

French police were evacuating migrants from a makeshift camp near Dunkirk, in northern France, where at least 1,500 people gathered in hopes of making it across the English Channel to Britain.

igrants, including some families with young children, could be seen packing their few belongings as police were encircling the camp, on the site of a former industrial complex in Grande-Synthe, east of Dunkirk.

Several buses were lined up near the camp.

French interior minister Gerald Darmanin tweeted that authorities would provide shelters for the migrants.

He also said police dismantled a network of smugglers in the Dunkirk region, leading to 13 people being detained.

According to Mr Darmanin, 1,308 people suspected of being smugglers have been arrested since the beginning of the year.

Aid group Utopia 56 said several evacuations of camps in the region have been organised in the past month with no adapted response to take care of migrants.

The group stressed that the state organised no food distribution and provided no toilet and shower facilities in the camps.


A group of people thought to be migrants are brought in to Dover (Gareth Fuller/PA)

Local authorities have warned of dire sanitary conditions and overcrowding in the area, risks associated with the fast approaching winter and deepening tensions between migrants and traffickers that often turn violent.

Yann Manzi, founder of Utopia 56, said those clustered in Grande Synthe are primarily Iraqi Kurds propelled via trafficking networks.

Most are trying to cross the English Channel in small inflatable boats, because police have made it harder to sneak onto lorries and ferries.

With its ports and tunnel to cross the English Channel, northern France has always been a magnet for people seeking to cross to Britain, fuelled by traffickers’ promises of a better life there.

The crossings are a source of friction between the U.K. and France, with British officials saying France should do more to stop boats leaving.

France, meanwhile, says Britain should do more to help French authorities manage the migrants and stop traffickers.

More than 23,000 people have reached the U.K. in small boats across the English Channel this year, including 1,185 on Thursday, a record for a single day.

In addition, thousands more were rescued at sea by French maritime authorities.

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