Iconic Game Scenes That Were Never Supposed To Happen

“Psychonauts 2”, the sequel to the popular platform game “Psychonauts”, was met with favorable reviews following its release in August 2021. Like its predecessor, the game features some fascinating and bizarre bosses against enemies like the Die-Brarian, Lady Luctopus, and the Gluttonous Goats. However, these captivating fights were almost left on the cutting room floor.

Double Fine boss Tim Schafer revealed in an interview with G4 that, had the studio not been bought by Microsoft, the game would have been very different from the version that eventually released. Concerned about financial resources and scheduling troubles, Double Fine initially made the decision to remove the boss battles from the game, mainly because they’d be the easiest to trim. 

However, due to the symbolic meanings of the bosses and the battles themselves in the world of “Psychonauts,” Schafer did not want to cut the battles. So, when Microsoft asked what he would do with the game if resources were not a concern, he opted to put the boss fights back in. 

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