Fans Of DC League Of Super-Pets Just Got An Exciting First Look

This week, Entertainment Weekly is giving fans of the DC Universe their first look at the upcoming film “DC League of Super-Pets.” Alongside the release of the first stills from the upcoming animated feature, EW released quotes from an interview with Jared Stern, the film’s director.

“I wanted it to be a real threat that you felt lived up to not just a goofy movie, but a real serious superhero threat, but also one that uniquely can only be solved by a group of pets,” Stern told EW. “I really wanted people to come away from this movie feeling like animation is a technique and not a genre. I wanted them to feel like, ‘That was a really great superhero movie, and it had everything I love in a superhero movie: It had great action, [it] was really fun.'”

Though this will be the characters’ first introduction to the big screen, it’s hardly the first time audiences have had an opportunity to learn about the Super-Pets. The Legion of Super-Pets was first introduced in “Adventure Comics” #293, a comic book released in February 1962 (via According to Stern’s chat with EW, his latest spin on these super animals was inspired by a visit he made to a local animal shelter where he noted how many animals sadly languished, simply waiting for a new home. “They seemed so powerless,” Stern said. “I don’t know why, but I thought, ‘What if those pets had powers?'”

“DC League of Super-Pets” is scheduled for theatrical release on May 20, 2022. If the film is included in Warner Bros.’ plan for digital releases in 2022 (via GamesRadar), it should be available on HBO Max 45 days after its spring debut.

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